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Pubic Hair Transplant

Pubic Hair Transplants is an available option for hair transplantation both from pubic hair to scalp and from scalp to pubic. Hair transplants are done by transplanting from scalp to scalp for the best results both visually and economically in terms of the number of hairs that can stay and grow at any given time. Considering body hair transplant to scalp, pubic hair transplants are reserved as a last resort based off of certain conditions such as violated donor areas from old surgery techniques that left little or no donor hair to work with.

Pubic or body hair is not the best substitute for scalp hair transplant because of the difference in hair growth cycle in those areas as they have a longer sleep phase (telogen) and a shorter growth phase (anagen). There have been studies made that suggest that body hair may change its growth traits in favor of the recipient area but it cannot completely become scalp hair.

Pubic or Body Hairs have obvious differences in characteristics from scalp hair. They are limited in numbers and should be reserved for cases where no other alternatives are available. Body hair can be easily and conveniently harvested with the FUE technique as well. Before this procedure, patients need to be tested using the FOX test procedure. If the test shows “FOX positive”, hair follicles can be harvested without any complications.

Hair transplant to the pubic area could be used for people who do not have pubic hair congenitally.  Lack of pubic hair is seen in people of some ethnic backgrounds.  Many people remove pubic hair without considering the fact that it has its own sexual attraction.  In fact, people who do not have pubic hair sense that problem compared to people with pubic hair and the good news is that pubic hair restoration is possible through hair transplantation.  The final result can look completely normal if done by a surgeon with experience in the genital hair transplant.

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After great research into hair restoration, I selected you as the doctor to restore the youthful look that I once had. As a teenager and as a young adult in my 20's, I always had a full head of hair, but was born with a high hairline. This genetic trait I got from my mom's side of the family and therefore, my mother always tried to make me feel better by saying, "...a high forehead is a sign of intelligence". However, as I reached my 30's I noticed my hair thinning at the top of my head. My existing high hairline looked more pronounced.
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