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After Hair Transplant Care

Post surgery care is a very crucial part of hair restoration. Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration makes sure that our patients understand and practice post operative care at home correctly.

After your surgery, we make sure to provide you with your first hair cleaning. Your first hair wash should be taken care of professionally. We demonstrate the process and explain the effects of both doing the cleaning right and wrong. We make sure that the newly transplanted grafts are looking their best and that the donor area is ready to heal properly.

One crucial note for post-operative hair transplant patients is that your transplanted hair is at its most sensitive point the first day after surgery. Within the 1st and to about the 5th day, your hair is now becoming part of its new placement. After the 5th day your hair is settled and you can continue to clean your entire head or transplanted area with regular products. You can even clean the transplanted area a little more aggressively to remove any excess scabbing.

We ask that you clean your transplanted hair and donor at least twice a day up until after the 5th day. That’s when you can clean as you would routinely. Not cleaning and not removing excess scabbing can damage the transplanted hair follicles and potentially reduce the chance of new growth.

Below you can find some of the common questions that patients ask us after their hair transplant:

    * If I remove a scab and there’s a hair in it, did I destroy that graft?

If the scab containing the hair was removed more than 5 days after surgery, you have nothing to worry about. The crucial parts of the follicular unit are now in place and will re-grow the hair follicle. What you saw was only the hair follicle without the graft.

    * What about the staples? When and where do I get those removed?

Depending on the procedure, you may or may not need to return to the office unless it’s a routine follow up. Most FUT procedures will use staples to seal the wound. We generally see you again with 9-12 days after the surgery to remove them ourselves. If we know you are traveling a great distance for your procedure, we will use dissolving sutures to close the wound unless the wound was too tight to close then we would have to use staples instead.

    * How about care after hair FUE hair transplant?

Patients who have an FUE procedure done do not have to worry about the donor area too much. You would just have to clean it normally and make sure to follow the same guidelines used for an FUT for the transplanted grafts. Heal time is much faster and the minimally invasive procedure leaves no trace of scarring around the donor area.

    * Are there any additional complications from having a hair transplant?

Some of the general complications from having a hair transplant include swelling, redness, slight pressure or discomfort around donor and transplanted area. Anything other than that like infection or improper healing generally lies within the post-operative care of the patient. In general, antibiotics are not needed for after hair transplant surgery due to generous blood supply of the scalp and small chance of infection.

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